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Miyako Restaurant

Date added: 01/05/17

Miyako Restaurant Project

Willis Jenkins were requested to attend site at the renowned 5* Andaz Hotel, following recent equipment and fabrication supply projects and, more specifically it’s Miyako Japanese Restaurant and sushi bar. Through 7 days per week Miyako pulls in a large volume of customers for their specialist offering and it’s important to them that they provide a high quality service. The hotel began experiencing issues when smells from the restaurant cooking area were leaking into the lobby and corridors. It was found that the problem was caused by the existing canopy being too small in size and under capacity.

As well as the canopy capacity issue, the restaurant was already considering expanding the kitchen to put in higher capacity kitchen equipment that would again affect the air handling equipment capacity required. Keith Large, Director of Engineering and John Cherrill, Engineering Manager decided that the restaurant needed to move forward with a brand new canopy that could not only solve the extraction capacity issue but could cope with the demands of the additional cooking equipment.


The team at Willis Jenkins had a preliminary visit to survey the restaurant kitchen, followed by an intrusive survey to see the inner workings of the existing extraction. At the request of the Hotel and Restaurant, Willis Jenkins pulled out the existing canopy at 0730 on Saturday 18th March and were finished installing the new canopy, new salamander and associated additional items within the Catch kitchen by 1530 on Sunday 19th March. The installation had its challenges as the restaurant is a very compact space to work in. This caused issues with both removing the existing canopy and getting the new larger canopy in for fitting; but the team executed the project without having to split any of the canopies into parts.

The ‘quick and painless’ installation included a gas rise and fall salamander with a bespoke insulated salamander shelf, an all-new stainless steel wall mounted canopy with recessed LED lights, stainless steel baffle filters and 600mm high valence with removable grease drawers. Once again Willis Jenkins quoted the correct specification equipment for the job that provided a correct and future proof solution for the client.

Much to the praise of the Hotel engineering and Miyako kitchen staff the new additional equipment is fully operational, improving working conditions and increasing productivity for the restaurant. The ventilation canopy capacity was increased which even meant that other restaurants in the hotel such as Catch could reconfigure their ventilation to suit some of the existing areas where ventilation wasn’t now required. The staff at Miyako are pleased that they have been able to expand their operation and keep their busy service running with minimal disruption throughout.

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