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The Rose

Date added: 01/05/17

The Rose Project

The Rose Victorian-style pub was in need of a new kitchen, but required the right team to tackle the job and overcome its challenges, which is why they asked Willis Jenkins to step in.

Serving up exquisite pub dining, British craft ales and ciders, the theme of the pub and restaurant matches the decor of the Victorian building based in London.

The pub’s kitchen was in need of a lot of work, requiring the design team at Willis Jenkins to get stuck in and use their knowledge in design and installation to create a design that matched the client’s exact requirements.

The Willis Jenkins team set about work enlarging the existing kitchen and replacing the cooking suite as well as providing a servery and chef’s tables. When working on the kitchen, the design team needed to try and make the most out of the very limited space to ensure that the chef had necessary access and could make use of every inch of the room.

Willis Jenkins worked closely with the kitchen team to make sure the space was fully-maximised. The team were also challenged with keeping the design of the kitchen in-line with the pub’s traditional wooden decor and the client’s desire to have it completed within a tight deadline.

The Rose design project, which used products from big manufacturers including Bonnet, Rational and Fosters, was a huge success and Willis Jenkins have received some fantastic feedback from the client. In particular the feature copper two-seater chef’s tables they created. These and the fabrications used on site were particularly favoured and have been used on other projects since.

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