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Catering For The Education Sector

Date added: 29/08/17

Catering For The Education Sector

Schools looking to revamp their catering facility, could benefit from a catering equipment distributor like Willis Jenkins who understand the ins and outs of the market.

As a catering equipment distributor, the whole team at Willis Jenkins are extremely market-wise having worked across numerous different market sectors restaurants to hospitals and also schools.

This allows them to bring and an array of local knowledge and private sector offers to the table, as well as the ability to identify products and ideas that could bring benefits to schools and the education sector.

Mark Sharland at Willis Jenkins commented: “Distributors should be able to provide sound advice for solutions to problems or issues that may not always be generic across an estate, but can be site specific.

"As a one stop shop, distributors can offer and resolve issues with ventilation, power, water and waste, all which can crop up with the modernisation of kitchens - something that a manufacturer or internet salesroom simply can’t do."

Distributors are well experienced in covering all the aspects that a catering facility needs. If your kitchen is having a new floor, Willis Jenkins can arrange for the equipment to be disconnected, removed and refitted all under one roof.

Through a catering equipment distributor, you can also rest assured that all Gas Safe and other required vital codes of practice will be adhered to.

The UIFSM (universal infant free school meals) which have recently been introduced, has meant schools have had to adjust the way that they operate. In some areas, the uptake has increased greatly and adjustments to capacities and equipment has needed to be ongoing in order to cope.

John Eaton, Director at Willis Jenkins, said: "In general terms, most schools were able to plan for the changes and have now put these plans in place after working on them for a number of months.

The solution needed really did depend upon the additional uptake and how this could be best catered for with the minimum of fuss and disturbance."

In the 2017 school catering market, dishwashers appear to have replaced almost all steriliser sinks, to ensure that crockery and cutlery are completely sanitised and hygienic. Combination ovens are also become commonplace in the school kitchen, primarily because they are so versatile.

John added: "When considering a new item of equipment, ask your supplier if this is the best item for you and why they would recommend it - query them on what their longer term plan for equipment would be and how this item will fit into the plan.

"Too often the school is likely to expand and this has not been taken into account. We as a business would always look toward an integrated solution that will give flexibility in the future and provide a solution to future, as well as current capacities."

To find out more about how Willis Jenkins can help you create the right catering facility for your school’s operation, give them a call on 01462 790740.

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